Hello! I’m Emma Glover
Jewellery Designer and Goldsmith, and creator of Emma Glover Design.

I craft original custom jewellery for people around the world, blending nature-inspired textures and shapes with industrial-inspired elements.

I love collaborating with my clients to create distinctive, one-of-a-kind pieces that become a part of their personal history.

Jewellery + Me
Meant to Be.

My passion for jewellery design started as a young girl--I loved to play with beads and metals, and constructed necklaces for my parents made of shoestrings and paper mache! The instinct to create wearable art led me to study Jewelry Design and Metal Smithing in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico with world-recognized instructor Billy King. There I began to hone my skills and style, experimenting with contrast, texture and form.

In 2007, I launched Emma Glover Design. My pieces are handcrafted in my garden studio in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. This is where I meet with clients, sketch designs, and embrace the creative process, shaping beautiful stones and metals into original pieces of art.

I believe the job of jewellery is to connect to people's hearts. I thrive on creating pieces that remind my clients of the things, places and people they love."

Lush Stones + Precious Metals
Pieces that reflect story, character, and aesthetic.

I work with a variety of materials, seeking out unique pieces that reflect the story, character, and aesthetic of my clients.

Chosen metals include gold, sterling silver, copper, and bronze, with precious and semi-precious stones, diamonds and moissanites, Tahitian and fresh-water pearls, and natural colour-changing sapphires. I’m committed to sourcing ethical materials, from recycled gold and silver to conflict-free or certified Canadian diamonds.

I also re-imagine existing jewellery, and can breathe new life into your pre-loved piece by melting down and reusing the metals, or resetting the stones in a new design. This is a wonderful way to preserve elements of your heirlooms and get new wear out of pieces that otherwise may be left sitting in your jewellery box!

How I Create

I use several methods to craft my jewellery, dictated by each particular design. Techniques include Lost-wax casting and various aspects of handforming, such as annealing the metal, giving it texture using multiple tools, fusing and soldering, stone setting, and finishing with filing, sanding and polishing.

Drawn to juxtaposition, I like to play with contrasting elements in my designs such as a sparkly ‘perfect’ stone in a natural, earth-inspired setting, or a roughly-faceted or asymmetrical stone in a more polished or delicate setting.

I don’t strive to create pieces that are perfectly symmetrical or appear manufactured. Instead, each finished product is the expression of the mark my hands have left on the metal.

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